Kx for Surveillance enables financial institutions to instantly detect known trading violations like layering, spoofing or marking the close. Customers can calibrate their parameters in real time to improve their detection quality and accuracy. The flexibility of the historical database and replay engine eases retrospective investigation for new types of fraudulent behavior and suspicious activity.


MiFID II has raised the regulatory bar higher than ever. More Investment Firms than ever are facing regulatory requirements with significant penalties for non-compliance.

We are delighted to be working with Euronext, offering their MAR technology solution, powered by Kx.


Hot Rheila Simpson Women's Riding Chocolate Jessica Boot AXvx0w The Kx platform captures and consolidates all trading data (rates, trades, orders, news) for FX, credit, rates, commodities, equities and listed derivatives. Built on technology chosen by top global banks for their high frequency trading systems, Kx for Surveillance was designed in collaboration with market participants to give analysts and business users a comprehensive view of relevant market activity.

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Regulators and bank compliance departments are dealing with ever increasing volumes of complex trading data which makes identifying anomalies difficult. With Kx it is possible to backtest many years of trading data to efficiently calibrate scenarios and identify irregular behavior, minimizing false positives.

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Flexible CEP and alerts engine for instant detection of trading patterns indicating market abuse, erroneous trading or malfunctioning algorithms. The built-in intelligence of Kx enables instant detection of trading patterns indicating market abuse, erroneous trading or malfunctioning algorithms, providing an organization with more accurate alerts. This results in significant operational efficiencies. Our customers report that the time taken to conduct investigations into trading breaches is reduced from months to minutes. The effort required by staff for investigations is also significantly reduced.

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The basis for Kx Technology is a unique integrated platform which includes a high-performance historical time-series columnar database called kdb+, an in-memory compute engine, and a real-time streaming processor all unified with an expressive query and programming language called q.

Designed from the start for extreme scale, and running on industry standard servers, the kdb+ database has been proven to solve complex problems faster than any of its competitors.


Kx's core technology, the kdb+ time-series database, is renowned for its computational speed and performance, as well as the simplicity of its architecture for large-scale data analytics.

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